Community Building


Build your community to deliver tangible and emotional value, creating lasting bonds of loyalty and discovering new sources of growth. 

Good marketing always puts people at the center. Smart marketing in tough times taps the collective power of communities. We are transforming each community member into an advocate for your brand to their friends and colleagues. Our technology combined with our experienced and creative community strategists provide an alchemy of intelligent insight, imaginative ideas, exceptional implementation and potent impact.

People are “communal” by nature, and can be engaged around their functions, interests, disciplines, information needs and professions. When we build relationships with people in a direct way (through social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter) or indirectly (through the readers of our blogs or the visitors of your websites), communities are built. Through our dedicated community platform you can identify them, provide them with home bases to interact and nurture them on social media and the Web. The result is an online community.

Community Building Services 

Our Community Strategists will help you launch and manage a new community, support a growing community, or train your staff on best practices.

Advanced community building technology is essential for building and developing a successful online community. Our community strategies and best practices are supported by the most powerful tools available which have been integrated to support and complement each other, offering a single online touch point in one place.

Bullet_-_Eyeglasses.png  Digital footprint    

We analyse your digital footprint (websites, microsites, social networks pages)  in comparison to your competitors and the standards of your industry. We check how they are corresponding with the specific characteristics of your primary audiences. We compare them with the best practices followed by international leaders in your industry. We propose how your digital footprint could be enhanced and we develop new websites and social media pages for you as front-ends of your community platform all linked together and connected directly to the common database and your members’ profiles.  

Bullet_-_Card.png  Social media followers identification    

We analyse your social media followers and identify through the community platform who they are, what they are up to and how active they are. Through dedicated tools and messages we motivate them to join your community and engage. Having a strong following is one thing. Having an active following is a completely different matter. Through the best community building strategies combined with our community engagement tools we transform your online fans into an army of real-life brand ambassadors. Your followers are gradually transformed into prospects, then active members and finally brand ambassadors for your brand or organisation.

Bullet_-_Target.png  Community multi entry points    

We utilise every single opportunity to create entry points for new prospects to join your community. Website visitors and social media pages are usually the obvious ones. Even so there is a huge difference between a nicely designed website and a website that offers a variety of engagement tools that captures the visitor and motivates him to stay connected with your organisation. Equally important sources of new members exist in each organisation and are usually underestimated. Your employees and their friends in social and professional networks, recruitment through your points of contacts with prospects and customers, your collected reviews from customers as part of the after sales process are only a few of the existing opportunities that are not generally utilised to their full potential.

Bullet_-_People.png  Members Engagement & Activity Capturing

We provide all the activation tools that are needed for visitors and members of the community to engage and become responsive participants providing valuable information, insights and endorsements. Multiple choice survey questions, online petitions, forms to collect comments and images, forms to collect ideas and suggestions, crowdsource suggestions, volunteer signup,  tasks or roles you may want like hosting an event, interning, or stuffing envelopes, events RSVP and tracking attendees, individuals and/or organisation endorsements are just a few of the ready to use engagement tools all directly linked to members profiles.

Bullet_-_Talks.png  Brand Ambassadors recruitment    

All actions taken by each member through connected websites and all his activities in social media related to your organisation through his personal social media accounts are automatically monitored, analysed and reported by the platform on a day-by-day basis. Each action taken by a member is credited to the Social Capital Rate of the specific member. Credits assigned may vary depending on the importance of each action. Based on the Social Capital of each member we will know at any stage who are the most active members, who are the most influential, who has promoted most your organisation in social media.

Bullet_-_Globe.png  Engage social media influencers    

Access profiles from more than 50 social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and over 300,000 digital influencers. We target the most relevant print, broadcast and online journalists who can mobilise your story. Access the industry’s most comprehensive media database, which contains 1.6 million records. Recruit as brand ambassadors the most important relevant digital influencers utilising in-depth profiles to build relationships with the people who matter.   






Community marketing is an essential ingredient in an efficient and effective marketing mix for every brand, organisation, institution or service provider in every industry. Audience characteristics though vary from sector to sector. Basic principles, technology tools and suggested best practices are common, but community building strategies, content dynamics and communication need to be adjusted depending on the sector characteristics, dynamics and targeted audience’s preferences and behaviours. Our community strategists have vast experience in many sectors and a deep knowledge of best practices and strategies that will work with each audience, including:  

  • HEALTH: Pharmaceutical Industry, Health Products, Healthcare Providers, and Hospitals
  • CHARITY: Professional Organisations, Patient Groups, Charities and NGOs
  • EDUCATION: Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Education Providers
  • TOURISM: Destinations, Tourism Services Providers, and Hotels
  • CONSUMERS: Cosmetics, Food and Beverages, Health Products and any brand


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