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Microphone.jpgOur advanced technologies allow us to identify the correct brand ambassadors for your organisation, motivate them to speak for you and monitor their performance and impact  

Connect with social media influencers to spread your messages to new audiences on a large scale and utilise the power of communities, groups and networks.   

Organisations and brands have always recognised the impact personal recommendations have on their growth and success. With the huge acceleration and outreach of social media, the need of people to share online content, ideas and opinions combined with the sense of “belonging”, one of the most powerful motivations, brand ambassadors have become a marketing discipline in their own right.

Cynapses will help you to identify and connect with the correct people to become your ambassadors. They will speak for your brand or organisation to the members of the groups and networks in which they are participating and also to their family, friends, peers and colleagues. We will monitor each one’s activity in social media and communities so that you know who has contributed most, who is the strongest social influencer, who is most valuable to your organisation.

 Brand Ambassadors Services 

Let’s work together to build the best team of brand ambassadors for your brand. Utilise the power of social media and communities to reach new audiences.


Bullet_-_Eyeglasses.png  Social Media Followers and Websites visibility

We expand your social media followers and your website’s visibility through journalists, bloggers and social media influencers globally. Access profiles from more than 50 social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and over 300,000 digital influencers. We will target the most relevant print, broadcast and online journalists who can mobilise your story. Access the industry’s most comprehensive media database, which contains 1.6 million records. Recruit as brand ambassadors the most important relevant digital influencers utilising in-depth profiles to build relationships with the people who matter.   

Bullet_-_People.png  Recruit brand ambassadors 

Identify your followers in social media and what they are up to. Through sophisticated technology combined with creative communication we engage the correct people to become your organisation’s brand ambassadors, speaking for you to their personal networks and communities. Through your brand ambassadors you will be able to spread your messages utilising the communities, networks and groups to which they belong.

Bullet_-_Target.png  Monitor, rate and incentivise performance

We provide all the tools needed for the brand ambassadors to share their activity related to your brand to their friends and colleagues through their social media accounts. All actions taken by the brand ambassadors plus all activities, posts, tweets and so forth that they have through their social media accounts relating to your brand are automatically monitored, analysed and reported by the platform on a day-by-day basis. Each action taken by a brand ambassador is credited to the Social Capital Rate of the specific person. Credits assigned may vary depending on the importance of each action. Based on the Social Capital of each ambassador you will know at any stage who are the most active, who are the most influential, and who has most promoted your brand in social media.




Our brand ambassador services have spanned multiple industries including among many others: 

  • Institutions, Associations and organisations
  • Healthcare Professionals Associations, Hospitals and Patients groups
  • Services Providers
  • Telecoms and Information Technology
  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Spirits and Beverages
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Cosmetics and Health Products

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