Brand Activations and Promotions

Donuts_Promoters.jpgThe perfect combination of places, people, moments, and voices working together to drive sales for your brand.

We use bold ideas to create unforgettable innovative events and promotions - our promoters and brand ambassadors will make sure that people fall in love with your brand and share it with the world. 

Combining innovative promotion activities with the power of social media and online communities is an astonishingly powerful new method for marketers to generate value for business by enriching interactions between the consumer and the organisation at all stages of the process and fostering long term relationships thereafter.

Cynapses has transformed the way that field promotions are seen. Each brand promotion activity of Cynapses is not only focusing on price and benefits aiming at instant sales but it is also designed to build long-term loyalty by providing unforgettable, fun, feel-good experiences where consumers fall in love with your brand. This is what we call experiential marketing.

When someone is in love, they like to share the news with the world!  This is why experiential marketing is also an ideal catalyst for social media and word of mouth exposure. We are transforming each contact made through every field promotion program to members of your brand’s online community, making sure that your relationship with prospects and customers will last for a long time after each program has finished.    

Brand Activation Services

Let’s work together to create unforgettable experiential experiences for your customers.

We are a results driven company. We work with the most talented and skilled brand ambassadors. We provide real time information and actionable insights. Our advanced technologies allow us to identify the correct brand ambassadors for your organisation, motivate them to speak for you and monitor their performance and impact.

Bullet_-_Love.png  Brand Love Campaigns

Brand love promotions are built around bold ideas: enticing experiences that create positive emotions, building a closer bond between the consumer and your brand. Our brand love promotions can include any number of big or small experiential activities; our talented and experienced promoters and brand ambassadors reach consumers and prospects in ideal and unexpected environments. We build social media mechanisms into our experiential promotions, encouraging consumers and brand ambassadors to share as part of the experience and join your brand’s online community.  

Bullet_-_Eyeglasses.png  Experiential Events

Experiential events take advantage of the ideal time and place to create an extraordinary and meaningful experience between your brand and the consumer. The experience has a lasting effect beyond the event and by its very nature is share-worthy, extending the life of the event via social media and online communities.

Bullet_-_People.png  Sampling & Demonstration

Sampling and Demonstration are great marketing tools. We will make sure that your samples will get to the right hands. We will help you get to the right locations, with the right brand ambassadors, so that you can reach the right people. More important, our brand ambassadors and promoters will transform each activity to a feel good experience and will recruit each contact to join your community and your social media pages adding value on every sample delivered.

Bullet_-_Diamond.png  Event & Exhibition and Roadshows Support

Your brand’s presence in events, conferences and exhibitions allows you connect and communicate directly with your target audiences. It is a great investment but you can only make the most of the opportunity when the message is delivered by the right people who can communicate efficiently with your customers.  We will help you find the right brand ambassadors for your brand, with the specific talents and skills you need for them to not only correspond with your brand’s image but also be able to deliver your messages and create meaningful and positive interactions with your customers. Direct contacts during events are also ideal opportunities to recruit members for your online community broadening your brand’s footprint and build long lasting engagement and interaction after the event.




Our expertise in brand activations, experiential and field marketing is combined with industry-specific experience giving valuable insights into these industries and their markets. Our brand activation and promotion services have spanned multiple industries including among many others:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Cosmetics and Health Products
  • Electronics, Technology and Telecoms
  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Spirits and Beverages

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