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We create connected Brand Experiences - the perfect combination of places, people, moments, and voices working together to drive sales for your brand. 

Combining the power of social media and online communities with innovative promotional activities is an astonishingly powerful new method for marketers to generate value for business by enriching interactions between the consumer and the organisation at all stages of the process and fostering long term relationships thereafter.

In the nervous system, a synapse is the structure that permits one nerve cell to pass a signal to another. Taking this natural process as inspiration, we build online communities of people around organisations and brands, transforming each community member into a synapsis passing your messages and their experiences from your brand to their friends, peers and colleagues. We create Community Synapses.




We use the most advanced technologies to identify prospects and talented brand ambassadors to build strong interactive online communities, activate supporters, produce long lasting and effective engagement with consumers, deliver communication and marketing messages on a large scale, and monitor individual activities within the community and in social media. We are a connected brand experiences provider that brings together strong business acumen and strategy, the best creative talent, and technologists so that great things can happen.

We work with some of the best brands and organisations globally. We are powered by a free thinking approach which helps us to inspire people to connect with your organisation, remain engaged and actively contributing in your mission and become ambassadors of your brand or organisation within your community or across the broader social media audience.   



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